Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton

Word count: 1,140

“Murdoch do you know what’s wrong with Johnny? I thought he would love the Easter decorations and everything I am putting up for the Holiday.” A worried expression filling Teresa’s face.

“No darling I don’t. It just seems he has something serious on his mind, he’s not willing to share with us.” Murdoch looks at Teresa sadly.

“I know Murdoch but I wish he would just talk to us so we could find a way to help him.” Teresa reply’s.

Murdoch speaking, “ I know darling but you know how Johnny is he has to figure out things himself before he would ever open up to anyone of us.”

Johnny comes into the big room and sits on the couch, and says, “ Hey Murdoch I need to go into town to nite is there anything you or Teresa needs. I don’t know how long I will be so don’t wait up.”

“Johnny we have things we need to plan for tomorrow being it’s Easter Sunday.” Teresa cries out.

“ I know honey but I have to do what I have to do to nite. Please understand, I will be here in the morning. Please don’t get mad at me I just have to do this to nite.” Johnny says.

“OK Johnny I just want you to be happy and if Easter makes you sad, I’m sorry Johnny, I just love Easter.” Teresa reply’s.

Murdoch steps in, “ Johnny is it the way we do Easter that has you so upset or something anyone of us have done. Please talk to us we’re just worried son.”

“No Murdoch just trust me it is what I feel every time Easter comes around. I will pull through this as I always do. Don’t worry my trip into town, I hope, will help me like it always does the day before Easter.” Johnny says.

“OK son I guess we understand right darling?” Murdoch says and then puts his arm around Teresa.

“Yes Johnny I will be here in the morning I have things I need to do. I love you Johnny see you later.” Teresa gives Johnny a kiss on his forehead.

“Sure Teresa later.” Johnny reply’s back.


Johnny rides to the church and steps inside.

He goes to the priest and ask to speak to him.

“Yes my son I have been expecting you.” Father John Michael speaks.

“Well father I have all of the children s baskets in the wagon outside, I also bought cloths so each child has a brand new suit and dress with shoes to match. I just didn’t want them to feel left out like I had growing up. It hurts me that at such a Holy time as this people don’t have the giving spirit like they do at Christmas. And to me Father, Easter is more precious than Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of our Saviors Birth, but people should love His Resurrection and the reason behind it more so.”

Johnny looking hurt while he speaks to the priest.

“My son not everyone see’s Easter as you or I do, their gifts are for each other and they don’t see as these children here see Easter either. These children they see that they were saved from hardships and other kinds of hunger.

You see their needs because, my son, you felt their needs.

Unless a person sees and feels the pain and hunger of a homeless child they only feel the giving at birthdays, Christmas or any other giving, Or should I say my son, this time as a time to have a party.

You see my son, most people go to church on Easter Sunday for the resurrection of Jesus. They can never feel what whom His resurrection was for.

Even though my son, Jesus resurrection was for them also the term resurrected means this one thing.

But to you my son and these children it means they, through the Love Of Jesus Christ, have been Resurrected from, from thes hardships. Father John Michael spoke softly to Johnny

“I know father I do appreciate all the words you have spoken.” Johnny says.

Cutting Johnny off Father John Michael says, “ I know my son but you have just given me an idea for a special sermon at mass tomorrow. See if your family will come with you, will you my son.”

Johnny reply’s, “ I will do my best Father.

I will see you tomorrow with or with out my family.

Thank you father for everything you have help me with. With out your kindness and wisdom father, I would have been one of Gods lost children.

This Father is why I love the Easter season more than any other season.

The Resurrection for New Life or as Murdoch’s religion says born again.

By father and Thanks again.”

“ By my son see you in the morning.” Father John Michael says.


Easter Morning

“Good morning John how was your trip into town last night?” Murdoch ask.

“Murdoch can I ask you, Scott and Teresa a real big favor for today?” Johnny ask his dad.

“Yes John If we can help you we will do our best.” Murdoch answers.

“Will you all go to church with me today, father John Michael is having a special sermon he is speaking for the children and myself.” Johnny says.

“I will Johnny, let’s ask Scott and Teresa in the kitchen.”

Johnny had ask and his whole family went to church Easter morning with Johnny.

When Johnny walked into the church with his family he had the biggest smile on his face that it brightened up every one that met him that morning.

Johnny took his family to see all of the children of the orphanage and his smile became brighter as he saw the joy on all of the childrens faces.

They showed Johnny and his family the baskets and new cloths that they had received.

Murdoch smile was almost as big as Johnny’s when he realized what Johnny had done in town the night before.

“Johnny I am so proud of you I would have never thought of doing for these children as you have. I am so ashamed of myself.” Murdoch told Johnny.

Scott and Teresa agreed.

As they all sat to listen to Father John Michael’s sermon

He started out with

“Jesus Resurrection and His relief towards His Children that live with Hunger, Beatings, Loneliness, Homelessness and anything else that poverty had given them. This is a sermon for Easter Morning to prove Jesus Resurrection is for all to enjoy at all times not just for Easter Morning.”

Says Father John Michael as he goes on with his sermon Johnny is feeling the Love that this Easter Morning he has shared with his family, and the children of the orphanage.


~ end ~
March 2012


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6 thoughts on “Johnny’s Easter Resurrection by Margaret Schmitz Compton

  1. Thank you for this story-so important to be mindful of what Easter really means to us. Johnny has such a kind and generous heart in spite of all that he endured as a child.


  2. Thank You for liking my little Story yes I agree Easter stories to me are more meaningful when it has the Easter message to go with it. Thanks again for liking


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