Settling Down by Olley

Word count 321

Part of the Lancer Writer ‘Settling In’ 2019 challenge

From Maria the housekeeper’s POV


“¡está decidido!”  That settles it!

With that, he had stormed out of my kitchen.

His father sat grim-faced seemingly unaware of the danger of history repeating itself.

Johnny reappeared later that day, shuffling his feet, his head down apologising to me for his behaviour. At that moment I saw him as the orphan nino he must have been, dirty hungry and full of anger.

I sent him to clean up and then fed him.

He looked up at me and smiled, oh how I love him. He needs to be at Lancer it is his heritage, he needs to find a way to be at peace with his papa.

So I sit with him and we drink chocolate while I tell him of his mama. How young and full of life she was, how she so loved him as a baby, how his papa was so proud of his new son. But life on a ranch was different from the life his mama had been used to.

I can see confusion in his eyes.

I tell him his quick temper is so like his mama’s. How his difficulty in settling down to the routines his papa expects is the same as his mama found.

He looks so sad as he tells me most of his life has been one of not settling down, and he doesn’t know if he is able, or even wants to settle for dancing to Murdoch Lancer’s tune.

I reach over to put my hand on his cheek he belongs here, I ache for him to know this.

 “Johnny, ¿quieres dejar de vivir salvaje, quieres sentar cabeza?”  Johnny do you want to stop living wild, do you want to settle down?

He takes my hand and I hold my breath waiting for his reply.

November 2019/ archived July 2022


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6 thoughts on “Settling Down by Olley

  1. Very nice and touching.
    I love when Maria makes her even if fleeting apparitions, and with few but always heartfelt words she brings peace to the chaos of this new family.
    Thank you for writing.


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