Regrets by Olley

Word count: 205

I watch them from a distance as they watch him dancing.  They nudge each other and their heads go close as quiet words are exchanged then they both grin, they are happy for him.

It should have been me in his arms, but I gave him up and settled for second best.  I blame that decision on my foolish female pride being offended by his reluctance to recognise my feelings for him.  For a short time, I thought my showing an interest in a suitor would make him jealous and open his eyes to the possibility I could become Mrs Lancer.  How foolish of me.

I realise my husband is watching me so I smile at him. It does offer a measure of comfort knowing he loves me, it goes some way to balance out the regret over my unrequited love.

“Aggie, my dear who is that dancing with Murdoch?”

I slip my hand through Buck’s arm. “I believe her name is Clara Dunbar, yet another damsel in distress a Lancer man has rescued.”

He laughs as he takes me onto the dance floor. I know I should not regret the love of this man who has no previous wives who have claimed his heart.


February 2021


Characters from The Rivals and Devil’s Blessing.  Told from Aggie Conway Addison’s POV.



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4 thoughts on “Regrets by Olley

  1. this was bittersweet. Poor Aggie. I do think she loved Murdoch the most but knew he’d never stop being in love with Maria. Poor things.


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