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In A Stable All Forlorn by Olley


#4 in The Surrogate Father and Adopted Son series

Word count: 200

Un niño solitario en Navidad?

I tell ya living as free as an alley cat it’s lonely and for a young kid at times damn scary.

After I ran away from that orphanage I’ve been looking after myself best I can. Learned the hard way that trusting most folk leads to disappointment. It was best to stay in the shadows and alleys, to keep my head down and my ears open.  

I like barns and liveries they tend to be warm an’ me an’ horses understand each other, never matters to them I’m mestizo.

I waited until the Las Posadas service at the mission was over before I crept in to light a candle and say a prayer for Mama and Papi. Saying a prayer now that’s a lesson they taught me when for a time I had a family.

But for now, here I am in a stable, a nino solitario.

Well, that will be until Val comes along and drags me off giving me some speech about not hiding out in stables all forlorn, whatever that is. For a scruffy desperado, he sure does like to read and spout words at me and treat me like a hijo.


December 2019

Continued in Making Deals

Note: This follows on from I Ain’t Jealous, a story challenge back in May 2019, and I didn’t want a too sad Christmas story for young Johnny.


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