I Ain’t Jealous by Olley


#1 in The Surrogate Father and Adopted Son series

Word count: 445

Val’s POV

Nope, I ain’t jealous of him, ‘course I ain’t.

I was there for Johnny when he was nothing but a stray. It was some flea-bitten border town an’ I was coming away from a dispute that needed guns with a bullet wound.

This scrawny thing was mucking out the livery, heck he wasn’t as tall as the rake he was using. He took one look at me and said in good enough American it would be two bits up front and there was an old curandera down the street who would see to me. Wasn’t a bit fazed by my bloodstained shirt or scowly demeanour.  I saw the bluest eyes in a mucky face and his hair way too long before he ducked his head down. Did that a lot and hugging himself back then, don’t do it much at all nowadays.

Anyways I told him to take good care of my horse and flipped a coin at him. His right hand shot out and caught it and flicked it up and caught it in his left hand. He looked at me and grinned, that fast sassy attitude was there all along.

Well while the old lady fixed me up I asked about the kid and she told me he was an orphan mestizo who had showed up a few weeks back. He had been found hanging around the alleys scrounging for food. The older boys had set on him but he fought back like a polecat she said. The men had all cheered the fight on taking bets on how long the boy could stand his ground and who would take ownership of him. Ol’e Manfred the livery owner had won him and that was why he was working at the livery.

When I rode out I took him with me, rest is for him to tell.

Now we have history and understand each other and I can see that brother of his looking at me and wondering but too polite to ask. Mind I watch Scott, ain’t seen Johnny give his trust to someone else like that in a long time. Sure hope that it ain’t going to be misplaced. The boy never did do anything by half measures and it caused him some mighty disappointments in the past.

Me, I ain’t jealous of Scott being his kin, ‘cos me and Johnny we’re amigos para Vida. Now here’s a thought maybe that fancy talking easterner is jealous of what me an’ Johnny have? Got one over on him though by messing up that god-awful frilly shirt of his.

Nope, I ain’t jealous at all that Johnny has found his true brother.


~ end ~
May 2019

Continued in Father’s Day – Val


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