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Brothers? by Olley

Word Count 270

 For the Lancer Writers, February 2023 Brothers Keeper challenge.


“Don’t call me brother, just ‘cos we share that old man’s blood.”

It wasn’t a good start to the brother relationship.

Johnny’s POV

I’d watched that eastern fancy Dan stand up to Day’s men and didn’t feel the need to step in. 

Didn’t know if he was simply too stupid to realise the danger he was in, or thought as a tinpot soldier he was more than able to deal with land pirates.  Got to admit I wasn’t surprised Day had wanted to test an easterner.

Still and all, I was prepared to give a little credit when I caught up with him at the creek; uhh, that’ll teach me to listen to my own rules. O’le Boston not only can ride he can throw a punch. Not only that, he throws out the word, “brother” at me every chance he gets. Told him, sharing blood means nothing to me.

I’d warned him as far as I’m concerned it’s a one-man show.  Lancer is mine, it was stolen from me by that o’le man. I’ve believed that all my life; but what that girl said made me think about the lessons learned in range wars about there always being two sides to a story.


Well, my plan didn’t include me being backshot, but damn me if Boston didn’t come good.  He sure does seem to be taking this brother thing serious.

And I didn’t stay alive this long without giving some thought to what my next plan would be.

Maybe he’s earned some credit, maybe I’ll keep him in my plan.

February 2023.


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12 thoughts on “Brothers? by Olley

    1. Hi, Maureen- I love getting into the heads of the Lancer men and exploring their thoughts and views. This is a great example, and thanks for sharing!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. In that first episode Johnny was angry at Murdoch and confused finding he had Scott as a brother.


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