Tanned Beauty Series by Mary M

Tanned Beauty
Summer Sun

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Tanned Beauty

Warnings:  Just a nekked Johnny

Word count: 150

Johnny climbed from the tub, water sluicing down his body. He hated having to get dressed so quickly, but there was no other choice. It would not do to run around his father’s ranch in the buff. His father’s ranch. That was a hoot. Johnny still did not know if he would stay or not, that remained to be seen.

Only time would tell, but it seemed unlikely. There was too much baggage to work through, and he still did not trust the old man. Or his father’s feelings for him. Shoving such thoughts aside, he dried and dressed.

How he wished to be back out on the trail. Johnny craved total privacy. He did not like constraints, such as having to think of others, instead of indulging in the luxury of climbing from a warm stream after bathing and laying in the sun, letting the golden rays of nature dry his tanned, sculpted body.


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Summer Sun

Warning:  More nekked Johnny 

Word count: 735

The midday sun blazed down upon him, a sheen of sweat coating his tanned, muscular body. After a morning of mending fences in the northern most section of the ranch, clearing a bend in the creek and wrestling stupid beeves, Johnny shed his shirt hours ago. Trickles of sweat ran down his sculpted chest, absorbed by the waistband of his heavy calzoneros.

Johnny swiped at his brow and threw the hammer aside. The fence was finished, and so was he. He had done the work of two men in less than half a day. Enough for now. If Lancer wanted more, he was whistling up the wrong tree. Right now, Johnny had only one thing on his mind.

Earlier that morning he snagged some supplies from the pantry, a stack of tortillas left over from the previous night’s dinner, leftover biscuits from breakfast, a bag of beans and slab of bacon. Remembering the coffee and sugar, he was set.

Mounting Barranca in one graceful swoop, he nudged the golden horse to the north and set off. Whether his father liked it or not, Johnny was claiming the next few days to himself. He would return by the weekend, and if the old man ranted enough, he would only take off again. Although he knew Scott wouldn’t follow and had no idea of his secret spot in the first place, Johnny did drop a hint that he would not be returning that night. The last thing he needed was a search party invading his privacy.

Johnny had decided weeks ago not to leave Lancer, and during his exploration of the ranch, discovered a secluded spot in the northern section with a rundown, abandoned lineshack at the base of a small waterfall and glistening pool.

He was still his own man, and would do as he wished. Johnny pulled his weight at Lancer and more, but when the need struck to get away, he went. No explanations, no questions asked. It had taken the better part of three months, but he worked renovating and stocking the shack. The cookstove was in good working order, the pantry was filled with canned goods, preserves, flour and lard, and a rope bed with a quilt snagged from the cabinet at Lancer, was placed to the right of a fieldstone hearth.

It was all he needed and more. Johnny embraced the grandeur of Lancer, but a part of him would always remain primitive. He could live in that shack forever, and be happy. He was snug and comfortable in the cabin, the roof was sturdy and the windows repaired. Once the small stable for Barranca was constructed and secured, he was happy. His beloved horse would be as safe and comfortable, as he.

The sun glistening off his bare back, Johnny flew across the pasture, giving Barranca lead. The horse knew where they were headed and was just as anxious. Both loved to get away. Kindred spirits, rebels at heart.

The late day sun was gleaming down by the time they reached the shack. Johnny removed the tack, brushed Barranca down and let the horse go. As thought, Barranca headed straight for the pool of crisp, clear water and wandered in. Johnny watched his antics, laughing as the horse cooled off and then rolled in the tall, lush green grass. While Barranca grazed, Johnny unpacked the supplies.

Once finished, he wandered down to the water’s edge. Kicking off his boots, Johnny removed his socks and stood, slowly peeling off the heavy, leather pants. Holding his face to the sun, the golden rays bathing his nude body, Johnny raised his arms and let the warm breeze trickle over him.

Wearing nothing but a smile, he dove in and swam to the middle, his muscular body gliding through the water. Johnny turned on his back and floated, watching the thick canopy of leaves from the giant oaks shrouding the pool, through lazy, haze filled eyes. He dove under again and swam to the falls. Standing, he relished the feel of the water cascading down over, him, soothing work strained muscles, refreshing his spirit. Sated, Johnny did a lazy crawl through the water and emerged on the far bank. Shaking the droplets from his hair, he laid on his back in the bright day sun, letting the warmth of the golden rays dry his body. Johnny sighed. It didn’t get any better than this.


~ end ~


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