Drabble – Home by Mary B


Murdoch pulled the wagon to a stop in front of the hacienda. Smiling, he gave a satisfied sigh. It had been a memorable day. Signing that contract had done more than divide ownership of the land. With the writing of those names, the building before him had changed from a mere house into a home. His sons were here. His family was restored.

* * * * 

Teresa squeezed her guardian’s hand before climbing down from the wagon seat. He looked so happy. It was about time something went right for them all. Her home had become an empty house upon the death of her father.   But now  Murdoch’s sons were here where they belonged and she had hope of it becoming a home again.

* * * *

Scott stopped his horse behind the wagon. Taking a deep breath, he dismounted.  This was his house now. The place he had agreed to live with this fledgling family. If that’s how one could describe three stubbornly independent men and an orphan girl.  Yes, this was his house. But he had to wonder – what would it take for it to become his home?

* * * *

Johnny sat on his horse, watching the others head for the house.  His house. One third of it anyway. He had to smile at the mental image of dividing the rooms up between the three of them. Sure hope he got the kitchen! He gazed up at the hacienda. It had been a long time since he had lived in a house. He couldn’t remember ever living in a home.

They were looking at him. Waiting for him. They had waited for him to recover. They had waited for him to sign. Now they waited for him to join them. He got off of his palomino and walked over. His father and brother smiled at him and he had to smile back.

With one arm around Teresa, Murdoch opened the door, and they all went in. They were home.


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