Johnny’s Elf by Margaret Schmidt Compton

Word Count – 1,277

December 17,2014

I borrowed the elf on the self hope it was ok.

This story was written for fun I make no money off of it.

All mistakes are mine as i had not beta. 

Christmas Eve and Teresa was just finishing off the last of the sweaters she had knitted for the men of the house. ‘ I do believe these will fit nicely. My only problem is I guessed the sizes. I sure hope they fit.’ Teresa takes the sweaters and wraps them in boxes to size. Murdoch’s in a brown box. Scott’s in a tan box. Of course we know Johnny’s is in a red box.

Scott and Johnny came down the stairs at the same time with their arms full of presents.

“ Johnny how did you get your presents wrapped?” Teresa ask.

“ I had an elf setting on my shelf. He was dressed all in red. A funny little fellow. Said he’s watching me to make sure I behave.” Johnny’s logic.

“ Awe come on Johnny there’s no elves on any of our shelves. I bet Scott wrapped them. Didn’t you Scott?” Teresa asked.

“ No Teresa I did not help Johnny wrap his presents. They were already wrapped when I went in his room to help.” Scott says.

“ Johnny those presents are wrapped to nice to be wrapped by Scott or me. Right Scott?” Teresa ask.

“ That’s what I thought too Teresa. What’s really funny is I didn’t wrap my presents either. I thought maybe you wrapped our presents.”Mentioned Scott.

“ I’m telling ya there was a elf on my shelf. He left me a note and said he was watching me to make sure I was good. Here’s the note if you don’t believe me. He was a funny little fellow. He really did tell me he’s watching me.” Johnny gets frustrated.

“ Give me that I bet you or Scott wrote it to trick me.” Teresa says.

Johnny gives her the note.

Johnny Lancer,

I am watching you so you must be good.

No pranks this Christmas season or I will have no choice but to take  all of your presents back to the big man.

                                           Signed Elffie 

“ Now Teresa you know I don’t write like this.” Johnny says.

“ You’re right Johnny. This isn’t even Murdoch’s or Scott’s handwriting. I wonder who?” Teresa says.

All three of Murdoch’s children standing around the tree with puzzled looks on their faces.

Murdoch comes down the stairs with his presents.

“Good evening everyone. Why the puzzled looks?” Murdoch asked.

“ Murdoch I got this note form this little guy setting on my shelf in my room. He said he wrapped all of my presents and that he was watching to make sure I was good this Christmas. Scott’s presents are wrapped just like mine. Funny thing, with his presents to, is he didn’t wrap his either. Do you know what’s goin on?” Johnny asked.

“ Johnny let me see the note. One of you boys had to have written it. I know it has to be a prank from one of you.” Murdoch says.

Johnny hands Murdoch the note.

“ I guess I’m wrong on all three accounts. Nobody in this house writes like this. You said there was a funny little guy dressed in red in your room Johnny?” Murdoch asked.

“ Yea he made me think of the story you all told me about Santa Claus. You said he had helpers. You know little elves.” Johnny replys.

“ Well I tell you, all of us will have to write this one up as a mystery. Time to call it a night. We have a long day tomorrow.” Murdoch says.

“ Ok Good Nite.” they all say at the same time.

The next morning after breakfast they all go to the big room to open presents.

“ Oh! By the way everyone. We will be having some new visitors for Christmas dinner tonight. I would like it if you all behave and please do not stare at them.” Murdoch mentions.

“ Do we know who they are Murdoch? Are they staying the night? Will they like what we have prepared?” Teresa was cut short by Murdoch.

“ Slowdown sweetheart.  They are new people in town, so I invited them to Christmas Dinner is all. They don’t know anyone around here is why. People need people, this time of year.” Murdoch says.

“ K, Murdoch let’s open presents now.” Johnny says.

They all opened their presents and enjoyed the day.

“ Boys where did these three presents come from. They all say From Santa and here’s a note.” Murdoch says.

 Merry Christmas I hope you enjoy these gifts.

                            From Johnny’s Elfie.  

“ There’s something funny goin on around here Murdoch. If that elf is still on my shelf I’m going to knock him out.” Johnny runs up to his room.

“ What’s going on Murdoch? Johnny believes a little elf was on his shelf. I think he’s beginning to think we have us an intruder in the house.” Scott says.

“ Well you know son how during the Christmas holidays, how Johnny plays pranks on us. Maybe he’s playing one now.” Murdoch says.

“ Oh! You mean the elf on the shelf. Someone to keep him in line this year. How could he make that up when neither Johnny or I wrapped our presents. They were wrapped as if they were bought in a store in Boston.” Scott says.

Johnny comes running down the stairs.

“ I guess he had to leave. He ain’t in my room now. I know I left him there to bring my presents down.” Johnny says.

“ Well son we should chalk it up to maybe this little guy kept you out of mischief.” Murdoch says.

People start coming to dinner Aggie arrived first, then Sam and Val.  While everyone was talking there was a knock at the door.

Murdoch grabs Johnny and Scott by the arms.

“ Lets go answer the door boys. Johnny you can open it.” Murdoch says with a knowing smile on his face.

Johnny opens the door and before him stand four “Elves I told you Scott. He said he was the Elf on a shelf. Did I do good. I didn’t get into any trouble. You didn’t have to come back. I get to keep my presents don’t I? Murdoch don’t let him take my presents tell him I was good.” Johnny says.

“ Johnny there’s nothing to worry about. This is the Andrews. They just moved into town. I was the one to pull the trick this year and it was on you. Yes son you were good this year. I just thought to get you before you tricked some one else.” Murdoch smiles.

“ Oh I get it there’s no such thing as an elf on the shelf to keep you in line. Then where did these elves come from?” Johnny ask.

Scott steps in. “ Johnny these people are what we call dwarfs. There is no such things as elves. This was a good one Murdoch even I fell for Johnny’s story about the elf on the shelf.”

Theresa steps in “ Me too Murdoch with the note and not knowing who’s hand writing it was I just assumed someone was in his room.”

“ I tell you all it’s over now. Come on in Henry and I’ll introduce you to everyone. I know you know Johnny. As his elf on the shelf.”

Everyone starts laughing and heads into the dinning room for Christmas Dinner. 

The End

December, 2014

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