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Johnny And Santa’s Flubber Belly Dance by Margaret Schmitz Compton

This is my first short story I hope you enjoy
I do not own any rights to the Lancer Characters or TV show or am I making any money off of them either also please don’t take any offence toward heavyset people (since I am well overweight also) it only has meaning to a rounded Santa Claus

Word count: 1,530

Chapter 1

He knew Christmas was right around the corner as he was watching Murdoch and Teresa setting things out for decorations.

“ I just don’t know what all the fuss is about and why you’ all use all that stuff around the house.” Johnny said with confusion on his mind.

“Well Johnny it’s just a tradition that my family and Teresa’s family has done all of our lives.” Murdoch responded.

As Teresa added “ As in my childhood Johnny, Christmas just brings back so many good memories. Memories I don’t want to forget since my father is gone.”

“I can respect the memories I just don’t get the decorations or gift giving.” was Johnny’s reply

“And one more thing what’s this about a man called Santa Claus, Chris Krengle,Father Christmas or Ho Ho Ho Old Saint Nick. I just don’t understand someone sneaking into a house passing out presents. I thought Christmas was about Giving not Receiving.”

“Johnny didn’t you have Santa visit you when you were a child?” Teresa asked.

“Teresa Mexico has different traditions, this is why Johnny doesn’t understand, you wouldn’t understand either if you had grown up like Johnny.” Was a reply Murdoch had given.

“Johnny how were Christmas presents handed out when you were young?” asked by an inquisitive young lady.”

“Well first off Teresa my Mama didn’t celebrate Christmas, she was to busy feeding or trying to feed us. She would make me something to ware or a home made toy carved out of wood if one of her men cared enough to make something for me. We never waited for me to wait for a fat man to sneak in to drop off presents or decorate the places were we lived.” Was Johnny’s reply.

“I understand the way you are thinking Johnny, I just wish you would see the joy we see in it.” Teresa said.

“Yes Johnny I know the past is the past and I just wish you would relax a little and see were we are coming from with our traditions.” Murdoch speaks out.

Entering the room is Scott as he had heard the discussion taking place. “ Johnny you may not understand but the least you can do is relax and open your heart out to those of us who just want to make a new tradition for you since this is our first Christmas together. Set back and come along for the ride ok?” Scott speaking out to his brother.

“I guess you all are right I am giving it a try. I have all of my presents taken care of, so you can all see I do care about giving. I just don’t care about hearing about a fat man going through chimneys giving good boys and girls toys. I am just to old for that mischief.” Johnny telling them his thoughts.

“Well anyway Johnny how would you like helping us decorate since next week is Christmas?” Teresa asked.


Chapter 2

The week went by very fast and Johnny was getting excited about Christmas Eve being here. “So when does the fat man arrive tonite?” Johnny asked.

“Well Johnny he’s just for children to believe in and you are just to old!” Murdoch had said.

Scott told Murdoch “ Well I don’t know if he’s too old Murdoch maybe Santa will appear for Johnny since he’s such a child about the whole Christmas scene.”

“I see what you mean Scott,” Murdoch said with a little smile on his face.

“I see you two are up to something, I won’t have anything to do with fake funny men in red suits or funny outfits at all. So you can just keep them away from me.” Johnny said.

“Well anyway boys and Miss Teresa I do believe our Christmas eve dinner is ready, right honey.”

“Only if Johnny wants to follow your tradition Murdoch. He’s so adamant about not following our traditions. Right Johnny maybe you should set out this time.”

Johnny jumps up and says “ Ain’t no way I’m giving up Christmas food as any tradition.”


Later that night when everyone went to bed Johnny crept down the stairs he thought he heard someone moving around down there.

With his gun in hand he came into the great room where all of the presents were in. As he looked towards the Christmas tree he saw the funniest looking fat man in a red suit.

Speaking out loud he said “ How much the old man or Scott pay you? As if I am going to believe in you at all.” Then Johnny points his gun at the man.

“HO! HO! HO! You must be Johnny? I was wondering when you would show up!” The Old man said.

“And who do you think I would be waiting for, I was sound asleep until I heard the noise you were making.”

“Well Johnny I didn’t mean to get caught but since I am” Santa said. He walked up to Johnny with his fat belly and bunted Johnnys belly. Pushing Johnny back wards.

Johnny not thinking did the samething to Santa but Santa didn’t budge. He then bunted Johnny again with his belly and Johnny off guard did the same.

Johnny looking at Santa asked “ Hey what you got in that belly of yours springs or flubber I keep bouncing back. You get a kick out of using your belly for a weapon old man.”

“It’s better than using a gun my boy.” Santa said.

This angered Johnny and he stood forward with his belly real hard and pushed it into Santa, who didn’t budge again. Then Johnny tried again as Santa pushed back sending Johnny fling backwards hard on the floor.

“Old Man I am getting tired of this.” Johnny said as he turned to see Murdoch and Scott coming down the stairs.

“What’s going on down here Johnny.” Murdoch shouted.

“Johnny we can hear you yelling what’s gotten into you.” Scott said.

“It’s him Murdoch.” Johnny turns and sees no one there. “ Murdoch there was a short fan man dressed all in red and he knocked me down with his belly.”

“Ya! Like we are going to believe that Johnny.” Scott said. “ And I supposed you pushed him back with your big belly.”

“Look Scott he was here and he pushed me down with his big belly. I ain’t making it up.” was Johnnies reply.

“Well either way boys it’s late and we have a big day tomorrow. Johnny stay away from the drinking will yah boy.” Murdoch said.

“Ya Johnny you must have had to much to drink to fight with Santa as he left you a bunch of presents over there I see.” Teresa coming into the room suprizing everyone.

Johnny looking in amazement at the packages he didn’t see before.

“Teresa I ain’t going to believe Santa left all of those presents with out me seeing him.” Johnny said in frustration “ I was here fighting with him and there were no presents there, where did all of these come from?”

“Johnny I think you need to go back to bed, it seems you had to much to eat as well as drink because you must have been dreaming.” Murdoch said.

“Well if”n I run into him again I won’t risk his belly fighting again I’ll just shoot him and you guys will see a dead fat man in a funny red suit.” Johnny marches upstairs mad as can be.

Murdoch, Scott and Teresa go to the front door.  “Thanks Mayor Higgs he fell for it totally is he upset! He didn’t even realize it was you.”

“Well Murdoch I can’t stand Johnny but I sure loved pulling one over on him thanks it was fun.” Mayor Higgs said. “I’m sure glad you took those bullets out of his gun or I would have not agreed to your little joke. Anyway it was fun. Thanks for the fifty dollars too.” The mayor rides off.

“Scott did you take the bullets out of Johnnies gun because I forgot” Murdoch said.

“ No Murdoch I forgot too.” was Scotts reply.

A new worry Murdoch and Scott had to sleep on made their joke not so funny anymore.

As Teresa watched them go up the stairs after hearing what they said about the bullets she just held open her hands and thought ‘funny how I can remember to protect the mayor while it slips their minds of what might have happened if Johnny pulled the trigger.’

Johnny in his room wondering why everyone didn’t notice the little fat man dressed in red slip out the door or that his gun didn’t have bullets in it. ‘ well anyway I know I had a fight with a fat man in a read suit and he did not use the chimney so there goes their Santa Theory. Anyway I have lots of presents to open that they don’t.’ Johnny tries to go to sleep on that thought ‘Presents all for me. Looks like I ain’t sleeping tonite just have to wait. Anyway I hope everyone has a MERRY CHRISTMAS.’ ‘NIGHT ALL’


~ end ~


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