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Margaret P.


Beautiful Wind (1870)

Circumstances (Scott back story, 1866-1870)

Who Told You This?
What’s in A Name)

(An) Early Christmas Present (Christmas 1871, 1 of 2)

(The) Face of a Father (Johnny’s future)

Family Reunion (Arguably AU—set in 21st Century)

First Dance (1870)

Five Facts: Day Pardee (1870)

For the First Time (1870)

From Highlands to Homecoming (Murdoch’s back story, 1842-70)

From Highlands to Homecoming Chapter Notes, Bibliography and Timeline

Good Listener (1870)

(A) Good Night (1870)

Halloween (Scott—1850)

He was Nothing but Trouble (1870)

Like Father Like Son (Christmas 1871, 2 of 2)

(A) Manner of Speaking (1871)

Measured (1870)

More than Anything God Ever Created (1907)

More Important Things Than Money (Christmas 1870)

Not a Fool Anymore (1870)

Pass the Parcel (Scott—1850)

Riding In (1871)

(The) Ring (1873 Follows ‘Twelve Days’ in the Eliot Series, and links to the Johnny Madrid Series)

Ruffled (Christmas 1870)

Something More (1870)

(A) Tale of Two Stockings (Christmas 1870)

(The) Things I Do (1871)

Truth or Dare (1871 and 1862)

What If? (1870)


Jointly Authored:

The Only Way to Have a Friend Is to be One with Doc



Eliot Series:
These Scott focused stories start in 1872, shortly after the TV series ends. It’s not essential, but I recommend reading ‘From Highlands to Homecoming’ and Circumstances first. The stories are listed in chronological order. Johnny appears significantly in those with an asterisk *. Also, please note this series overlaps with The Widow Morris Series by Doc.)
1. Past Imperfect*
2. The Visit*
3. The Only Way to Have a Friend is to be One— co-written with Doc (Fits within The Visit)
4. Unfinished Business
5. Letters of Friendship: 1. My Dear Friend, Katie—by Doc, and 2. Dearest Emily—by Margaret P. (In which the brothers are discussed.)
6. Permission
7. What Katie Did
8. Trust Me*
9. Sod’s Law*
10. What Katie Said*
11. Cold Water Helps*
12. Between the Lines
13. Of Mice and Scott Lancer*
14. Like Moths to a Flame
15. Every Father’s Right (Scott is the subject of discussion.)
16. Family Matters
17. Twelve Days*

Johnny Madrid Series:
These stories make up Johnny’s past in chronological order.
1. (The) Beginning (1861-1864)
2. Hate (1864)
3. Intervention (1864)
4. Boots and Bandits (1866) NEW
5. How to Stay Alive (1868)
6. Edge of Darkness (1869)




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