Drabbles by LisaA.

Lancer Bingo

A woman’s laughter echoed from the Cantina causing Johnny to awake from his light sleep.  He recognised the laughter, it was his mothers and by the sound of it she was drunk, tequila, whiskey maybe a mixture of the two, he thought, brought for her by her new man.   Johnny squirmed at the thought of his mother’s new man there had been many, he thought, too many.   He touched his aching back, received from a recent beating supplied from her new lover’s belt. Yet another scar added to his young body.

He curled up tighter in his bed and listened to his mother’s laughter drifting in the warm night air and he wondered what lies he would be telling her tonight. He had seen it many times before each promise was always broken.  Once they got what they wanted from her they would cast her aside like an unwanted gift leaving her stranded and alone.   Johnny hated to see his mother hurt.

Silence descended from the Cantina it won’t be long before they would be home to vent their drunken rage onto him. How he hated the waiting, the anticipation of what was going to happen.  Soon he would have to make a decision to hide or disappear somewhere at least he would be safe from their drunken frenzy.  It would not be long now…..

Johnny waited from his hiding place and silently prayed.



A Thief in the Night

Tonight’s my first Christmas Eve here at Lancer.  Murdoch, Scott and Teresa are sleeping soundly upstairs.  I’m leaning against the mantelpiece next to the Christmas stockings drinking tequila.  In the corner is the decorated tree.

I suddenly hear a noise.  What’s that?  Is that footsteps I hear on the roof of the hacienda?  What can that be?  Who’s this coming down the chimney?  Hold on it’s a bandit with a long beard with a big red sack for robbing!  I draw my gun!

The thief turns to face me and suddenly screams. He dashes back up the chimney from whence he came.

I run from the great room into the courtyard and see him jump in his sleigh.  I take aim and fire my gun only to chase him away!  His strange horses are scared and take to the air!

Now the hacienda is peaceful and quiet again.   Won’t Murdoch, Scott and Teresa be pleased when they wake up tomorrow and they see how I’ve protected the stockings and tree?


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6 thoughts on “Drabbles by LisaA.

  1. Both dabbles were very good. Especially loved the Santa one. Poor Santa and reindeer facing Madrid. Would love to be hearing Johnny explain it in the morning. Very fun!


    1. Yes I bet they would be well pleased that our Johnny had scared Santa away before leaving the presents! Thanks for reading


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