Search by Lisa King

Word Count 215

Johnny laid there trying desperately to get enough energy to his body to move, shout, anything, to let the search party know where he was. He was unsuccessful as all his energy had all ready been spent. He could not even keep his eyes open as he sprawled across the feather bed. How long had it been he wondered. How many times had his energy been drawn from him? He could not remember through the haze of his foggy brain. At first it had seemed so innocent. His help was needed moving something, they said. He should have questioned why this place was hidden away from the main house, but girls needed a place to get away from things had been the answer he accepted. He was flattered when they offered him some of their tea, too late realizing that it was gradually make him drowsy. Even the things they did to him were highly exciting at first, until it registered in the haze surrounding his thoughts that he was tied to the bed naked. They had told Theresa they were fan fiction writers come to do research. He hoped he was wrong when he thought he overheard them giggling about a blonde brother they were getting next. Where was that search party?

~ end ~

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