A Series of Firsts: Teresa by Liette

Word count 275


The stage is finally here. I wonder what Scott Lancer looks like.

The passengers disembark. There are only two left – a Mexican cowboy and a good-looking tall blonde man. My eyes ran automatically to him.

“Uh, Mr. Lancer?”

Two voices respond. I’m surprised, shocked… but just for a second.

“You’re Johnny!”  “Then you’re Scott Lancer!”


I stop the buggy at the very top of the crest to let them take a look at the valley below.

“There it is. Lancer. The most beautiful place in the world,” I say.

Scott looks impressed and Johnny, well, he’s harder to read although I see a fleeting moment of sadness in his eyes.


I’m proud to say that I outdid myself today. I told Maria I wanted to make dinner. She helped, of course, but it’s mostly my work.

I took out all the finest china we have. The one my guardian always reserves for big occasions such as this one.

Are they as nervous as I am?


I retire for the night, thinking of what I did today.

We had already aired Scott’s room and cleaned everything. With Maria’s help, I did the same for Johnny’s room during the afternoon.

We certainly weren’t expecting both of them at the same time. Seems life has just taken an interesting turn… providing they stay.


I’m so excited this morning. Can’t wait to see Scott and Johnny. I stop by Johnny’s room… he’s not there. I continue and I hear their voices. They’re both in Scott’s room. I barge in.

“Doesn’t anyone ever knock around here?” Scott’s ask.

“Oh, think of me like a sister,” I say – but will I?

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