A Series Of Firsts: Murdoch by Liette

Word Count 275


I stand in the Great Room, looking out the window, waiting impatiently for my son. Will Scott be resentful? Will he think I’ve abandoned him those many years ago? Truth is, I did… but only because I wanted to protect him. What would have I done alone, with a baby, in such a harsh land?


He’s coming. I move back to my desk and wait for him to come.

“It’s open!” I say while two men enter.

My God. I never imagined they’d both be here today. I offer them a drink, which they both refuse. And I tell them something about their respective mothers. Am I crazy or what?


Teresa outdid herself. Maria helped her, but still… Paul would be proud of her. She even took out all the fine china. Maybe she’s out to impress my sons.

My sons… home at last. Scott seems at ease but Johnny looks totally out of place. Maybe I should have told Teresa to keep it simple.


Once alone in my room, I think about my sons arrival. Scott with eyes so like my dear Catherine. And Johnny, who isn’t my small blue-eyed whirlwind anymore but a grown man with both his mother’s good looks and temper.

They both agreed to stay, but will they? Do I finally have my family back?  


I’m so excited this morning. Can’t wait to see Scott and Johnny. I stop by Johnny’s room… he’s not there. I continue and I hear their voices. They’re both in Scott’s room. I let them have their moment.

I join Maria in the kitchen.

“Don’t worry, patrón. Everything will be fine. They will love you.

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