A Series of Firsts : Johnny by Liette

Word Count 275


She stops the buggy at the top of the crest.  We both get up, taking a look at the valley below. 

“There it is. Lancer. The most beautiful place in the world,” she says.

Damn! That’s something. Breathtaking. Magnifico. Why the hell did Mama ever left?  I wonder what my dandy brother thinks of this.


Murdoch Lancer. What does he look like? Mama never said. Guess I’ll see soon enough.

I follow Mr. Dandy. We step inside a large room and I suddenly find myself in front of him – the man who kicked us out, Mama and me.

Dios, he’s huge. He could kill me with his bare hands. Scary!


Well, the girl outdid herself, obviously. How does she expect me to eat all of this? Never seen that much food in front of me at one time.

And what’s all this? Is Murdoch Lancer trying to impress me with his fortune? Scott doesn’t seem impressed. Well, I’m not gonna let him sucker me in.


Said it was my room when I was here. Don’t remember. Wish I could.

Should I unpack? I don’t even know if I’ll stay here. The Ol’ Man, he sure acts tough. I bet he never gives an inch. But I’ll show him I don’t either. I’ll show him Johnny Madrid ain’t afraid of him


I barge in his room, half-dressed. Thought I’d shock him. “Come in,” he says. Guess I was wrong.

I play with his things. Seems to work. Teresa barges in… Now, THAT got him.

“Doesn’t anyone ever knock around here?” he asks.

“Oh, think of me like a sister,” she answers.

I smile. Think I’ll stay.


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Series of Firsts by Liette
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