Lancer Three: A Poem by Laraine

Word Count 265

A Poem

   L                        is for the LOVE that was lost and finally found;

A                      is for the ANSWERS to the questions that abound;

 N                        is for the NAME that the three so proudly share;

 C                        is for the COURAGE that the three of them do bear;

E                        is for the EMPTINESS that was felt throughout the years;

R                        is for the REALITY of their lives, their hopes, their fears.

All of these spell LANCER, A family of three.

Murdoch, Scott, and Johnny, As different as can be.

Murdoch loves them equally, But in a different way,

For both his sons are different, As is the night and day.

Scott is patient, smart, and kind, He loves to use his mind.

Johnny is wild, free, and fun, Bright as the summer sun.

Scott enjoys reading a book, Before an evening’s slumber.

Johnny loves to be on his own,  To be free to do ‘his own number.’

Murdoch shakes his graying head, At these, his special boys.

But knows it is the two of them, That bring him all his joys.

LANCER is a name that is fiercely proud and true,

As proud as Murdoch Lancer and his precious sons of two.

And Murdoch knows when his time comes, When his days are done,

He can leave the Earth in peace, His work it has been done.

For Scott and Johnny will carry on,

And LANCER will rise with each new dawn.

And the special place that is held so dear,

Will remain forever near.

For Murdoch, Scott, and Johnny be,

Forever and always, the LANCER three.

Dedicated, with thanks, to

Andrew Duggan, Wayne Maunder, and. . .
James Stacy

By Laraine Van Etten July 22-25, 2004
Lancer Convention
Los Angeles, California



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