The Saga of Johnny: A poem by LaJuan

Word Count 430

He sprang up from the dusty road
Carrying his guilt, a heavy load.
He couldn’t protect her, though he tried.
He watched as his mommy died.

With broken heart and thoughts numb
He cocked the heavy gun with his thumb.
Pointing at the man so evil with rage
Fear allowed the trigger to engage.

He now was alone, no one to care
For this sapphire-eyed boy with darken hair.
Taking what he could, he ran away
And vowed to make his pappy pay.

Many days in the hot Mexican sun
A legend of speed emerged with his gun.
Many of roads he traveled in time
Just to use his weapon and earn a dime.

He hired his gun to help them out
He was the fastest, there was no doubt.
He got involved in their latest fight
Peons pitted against the might.

Captured and injured he endured the cage
As he waited for his jailer’s rage.
Saved while facing the firing squad
He thought his rescue was mighty odd.

The Pinkerton untied his bounded hands
And told him of father and Lancer lands.
With promise of some listening money
Johnny quickly left on his pony.

He came to town at his Daddy’s request.
Spunky and cocky, he was the best.
His desires to get the promised money
And put a bullet in his pappy of plenty.

It was a shock to meet his brother
Another Lancer son, different mother.
He went along on the buggy ride
The land was worth whatever he tried.

Meeting his Dad and offered a drink
He stood relaxed in his shirt of pink.
Hearing the terms of the deal from him
He knew his future would not be dim.

Both brothers had a plan to carry out
Johnny’s required him out and about.
Watching while Scott endured a beating
Madrid continued on with his meeting.

Life has a way to give a twist
He later gave the new brother his fist.
Giving him the history of his mom
Teresa’s words hit him like a bomb.

His carefully controlled life was in a knot
For his new family and ranch he fought.
Telling Day Pardee to leave his land
He galloped away to beat the pirate band.

Shot from his horse and pulled away
He didn’t know if he would live another day.
Standing and stumbling toward the house
His lights went out, quiet as a mouse.

He healed and later signed his name
And gave up Madrid and all his fame.
He’s Murdoch’s kid, brother to Scott
And eager to try the new life he’s got.


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